Monday, April 23, 2007

people have way too much time

Wally said...

Dear Douche bag,

thanks, this already makes me hate you and to not take you seriously.

I don't even know where to start. First people are considered adults at 18 for a reason. At 18 it is decided you are mature enough to make sound decisions for yourself.

not that i really care, but because i love playing the douche bag, why should it be 18. in other country's 16 is adulthood. do you suddenly get magic powers from baby jebus on your 18th birthday?

Limewire will not be shut down because it has legal uses. I believe this has already passed and the RIAA isn't going to get anywhere with LimeWire unless it's suing individuals which is time consuming and cost inefficient.

nobody's suing limewire because it isnt that big of a top level distrubtor. id bet less than 10 percent of music is first uploaded to limewire. try irc, or in our case, a blog that admits they are the bastardly uploaders

The RIAA have recently taken to attacking tracker sites for torrents. Since many of those sites are based in other countries that the United States does not have agreements with, those lawsuits aren't going further either.

did jenna have a torrent tracker as well? if not stfu.

If you can count the CD's you like every song on with only one hand, you're obviously not listening to anything good.

try not to sound like you have the best taste in music, and everybody else's sucks.

Poor you and your bad taste in music.

i called that one

Eyeball records is being greedy and selfish and making Jenna an example.

isnt that the point in suing a select few, so others get the idea?

I am a fan of making the punishment fitting. I wonder if Marc realized that this settlement may RUIN her life. This $30,000 he wants may be the difference between college and straight into the workforce, uneducated.

there is no settlement. eyeball wanted the blog shut down. mission accomplished.

I don't think the goal from such a small label should be to put someone out on the street with a lawsuit.
oh my, i agree with you. they should be trying to promote artists, and sell cds.
I would be in favor of Eyeball Records HIRING Jenna to help with marketing or even to see how much money and time goes into making a record.

and this would do what?

(This is what some computer companies will do with hackers.)
you do realize that these hackers also have legitimate computer/coding/network skillz. what recording skill(s) has jenna showed by clicking 'rip cd' and upping it to rapidshare?

Downloading music is a protest against the record industry that they have failed to hear.

how about protesting in a way the artists/companies don't hate us.

Where the executives get rich and the artists remain poor.

clearly eyeball records a major company that has oodles of money blowing out of there ears.

The old way of promoting music is no longer viable. The release of a tangible medium containing music is being no longer the viable machine for spreading music it once was.

however, every single artist in the world(source:tom) has myspace/purevolume/other that streams previews. steve jobs agrees with you, cause he enjoys selling a billion songs digitally.
The structure of the music industry is so bass-ackwards it amazes me. Music is a band's advertisement.

did you mean 'a band's product? why would i want to listen to an advertisement?

In my opinion the industry should move towards giving away the music for free and making money off of merchandise.

actually you are right. the bands basically do give away their cds. not in the way you are hoping for, but by not receiving much from each record sold. the label then puts most of this money back into advertising the current album and recording their next album. this enables a revenue stream for the future.

Bands should be looking for their profit from their shows and from their merch.

right again. most bands currently make the majority of their money on tour.

As of now few bands have deals with record companies as far as merch is concerned (MCR among them) and while there are a lot of dickheads running the venues who will make it difficult to make a buck for many bands the fans will always support the bands.

slow down and breathe. this is not a timed comment. use a period next time and re-read what you just said, cause it made no sense to me.

The music industry is moving away from these large companies who own the entire market and is now more than ever favoring indie labels and DIY mentality.

could i get a source on that, cause it seems most of the news i hear is about one record label buying a smaller one and absorbing it into itself, destrying this 'indie label and DIY mentality'

The internet has made a level playing field for all bands. And I for one think that music should be free

And i for one think beer should be free. along with whores, medicine, and education. hey that sounds like communism. lets try that, i hear it works well

Jenna helped Eyeball records just as much as she "hurt" them by creating a community to successfully spread and publicize music.
if that is true i expect to hear from eyeball saying that they made $30,000 overnightand give her a website ( to continue what she started.

And YOU are the asshole for thinking that Eyeball records is in the right!

i think that you are a asshole, just because i can

(If you don't allow this comment you're officially the biggest pussy who ever lived.)

(i hope i made your day. brag to all your friends that YOU are now the biggest pussy)


Matt said...

You're a fucking joke kid, I love pussies like you that have time to even post, yet alone STEAL a blog. I think its amazing you haven't gotten your nose crushed yet, but somehow you've made it this far without choking on your own blood. You're mom is a fucking fat piece of shit, you're father is a fucking girl obviously due to the fact you ended up like this. I'll make sure you get what's coming to you, and trust me, flag my IP and find out about me bitch, cause it will be hilarious when you fucking cower in fear as I slam your fucking head over and over in my car door. give the little girl her blog back and you wont have to get false teeth fitted in your ulgy ass mouth. Look, nobody is ever going to love you, no girl is ever going to show you affection or give you the love you never got because you're ulgy and disgusting, so slash your wrists VERTICALLY as to not waste your horrible family's time by attention seeking, and get it over with for real. pretend you're hard bitch, and watch whats about to happen. I love the fact I live soo close to you and you thought you could do whatever you wanted. Watch your back this week Kevin, cause you'll be choking on your blood by Wednesday.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

so anyway...

cause i know everybody loves my new blog, i wanted to post some more awesome stuff here once in a while.

so i finally had contact with 'jenna' aka smalls, aka guest on the forums, i guess she can not decide which identity she wants to use. according to whois reports this ip is 24.163.91.** and has posted a whopping 10 times, on a forum that only has 30 posts total. what does that say about this person? i am the attention whore?
oh ya, jenna, and i contacted road runner and they are investigating your usage logs as we speak.

once again. this blog is only a freaking joke. i am having a blast reading your shitty comments.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

chill the fuck out everybody

why do people care so much? find a new site, and move on.
do i really think that i am going to get somebody to stop buying cd's. no. i just think its funny how everybody gets so pissy over my 'personal' blog entry. oh, and im an attention whore who has no friends and spends all day on teh internets.

Friday, April 20, 2007

in case you missed itin the comments

Jason said...

My reply is the best. Let's see the litle crybabies squirm over that one:


Get over it. Crying over professionalism when you are stealing from someone is pretty hypocritical. I mean, why not just walk up to a cop and punch them in the face and when they are beating the crap out of you, tell them they have to act professional. Good one guys.

And the "why are they going after a 16 year old girl" bullshit has GOT to stop. ANYONE that has the understanding and ability to build up a blog, rip and upload CD's, and link them on a website CLEARLY knows what they are doing. 7 year olds are kids. 11 year olds are kids. 16 year olds can drive a car in most states.

And here's another one for you braniacs that seem to know it all, why would a little label like Eyeball Records waste their time going after Limewire? Do me a favor right now, go type New London Fire into Limewire and see how many responses you get. Since I know most of you are lazy and incompetent, judging by the fact that you can't march down to a store and buy a CD, I made the search for you and came up with a big fat NADDA on the search results. So how about them apples? Whodathunk a little 'ol blog was doing more damage to Eyeball Records than the almighty Limewire? Plus, I think it's a safe bet that the richer powers of the RIAA are going to be taking care of Limewire shortly, so why should a small label like Eyeball Records waste their resources doing it for them? Use have a brain cell and figure that one out.

And I am so tired of the sorry, played out line of "how am I going to know if I am going to like it if I can't hear it first?" Hello jackass, how am I going to know if I like broccoli or sauerkraut before I eat it? You don't need to listen to an entire album to make that decision. And another bullshit line is "how do I know I'll like the whole thing?" Please, if I can find an album that has 3-4 songs on it that I love, sign my ass up, that is incredible. I have well over 1200 CD's (you know, the real thing) in my collection and I don't even think I need one hand to count the albums that I own that I like EVERY-SINGLE-SONG on. Hell, I don't even like every song on my favorite bands GREATEST HITS CD, and hello, it's a GREATEST HITS CD. Who's the asshole now?

Another "great argument" is calling the record label greedy and asking how much the band gets out of all the money they want to charge Kinxwhatever. I've got a better question for you: how much did The Number 12 Looks Like You have to pay to record, press, distribute and promote any of their Eyeball Records releases? Now I don't know the band, but I know a lot of bands much, much bigger than them, and I can pretty much assure you it was a big fat ZERO.

For all you know-it-alls out there, do you have any idea how most labels operate? Why CD sales are so important? And better yet, why the bands don't see as much profit off the CD's? Well oh wise keyboard warriors, it's because record labels are glorified banks, and they give out loans to bands to make music. They front all the money, and the band pays that money back in CD sales. The bands do all the work to make the music, the label does all the work to get it in stores. When they make enough money to pay off the debt required to create the CD, known as "recouping," the can then start reinvesting money into the band and the band can start making money off the CD.

That's called business. Do you know what happens to bands that don't sell enough CD's to pay back their loans? It's the same thing that happens to a home owner if they don't pay their mortgage: they lose everything. Because whether you give a shit or not, the record label will get their money back one way or another, and that doesn't make them evil or assholes, it means that they did their part and the band has to hold up on the agreement. Does anyone get mad at the bank when they repossess a car that someone hasn't been paying for? Absolutely not, what's right is right.

So next time your favorite band breaks up, and you're all sad and mad and glad you bought the TShirt to support them but didn't buy the CD because the labels are dirty assholes, you might want to rethink your life.

The sad and unfortunate part in all of this, is that the people that are right in all of this are the assholes, and the people that are wrong are just spewing bullshit line after bullshit line thinking that if they say it enough, people will believe it. Well it's time you clowns got your facts straight and learned a valuable lesson.

Justify your actions every way you want, complain about professionalism, complain about global warming, I don't care, bottom line is: Eyeball Records is right, you are wrong, EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. Period. Case closed. I've got two great websites for all of you to check out:

See the back slash at the end? Try adding your favorite band's name to it and see if they have a page. Guess what they have there? Songs you can hear! And preview! Some of them even have their entire album streaming!! And videos! Imagine that? If that's not enough for you, then I guess you're up shits creak without a paddle.

I want a lot of things. I want a new car. I want another dog. I want a new camera. I want the new Haste The Day CD. Guess what all of those have in common. Actually, we'll be here all day if I wait for an answer, so I'll just tell you: I don't have a right to have any of them if I don't buy them.


Would you walk into Best Buy and grab a computer and walk out with it? Would you grab a candy bar and walk out with it? Would you grab a CD and walk out with it? You know, without paying. If you answered no to any of those questions, then why do you think it's OK to do the same thing on the internet just because it's easier? And don't give me that crap of "oh well a car costs way more than a CD, of course that's wrong." Would you steal batteries from CVS? A tshirt from Hot Topic? There, I put them in the same price range. Deal with it. And if you answered yes to any of my questions in this paragraph, I guess that just speaks for your character more than anything, and makes the reason this is even a topic for debate more painstakingly obvious.

Welcome to the real world ladies. The real world is full of things you want and have to work for. Music is NO DIFFERENT. If you can't afford to buy the CD or go to the shows, then I guess you're just going to have to settle for the content they give you for free. Because you know, that's just the way the real world works. I'd love to have season tickets for the Red Sox, but I'll settle for the two or three games I can afford to go to this year. On the same token, I don't plan on walking up to Fenway and just walking in without a ticket, either.

Grow up. All of you. You KNOW the blogs are wrong, you KNOW it's stealing, and you KNOW the record label is right, EVERY TIME. Deal with it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

i made digg!

a real article.[]

digg page

my conversation with the real (read:fake) kinixtion


Stephanie..hey, you tried to add me, you're the guy who took over kinixtion blogspot right?

Mr. AWESOME ..please define 'take over.' did they delete their blog?
did i register it? if that your definition of take over, then yes.'s your day going.

Mr. AWESOME ..awesome. i have a bigger epenis this week than ever before. how bout you

Stephanie..I agree with you that downloading music is illegal, in some ways, other ways are not.

Mr. AWESOME ..are you talking about the itunes store, rhapsody, etc...?

Stephanie..I work in a record store, so I know the impact that downloading can have on sales, but also people come in saying that they downloaded something, and wanted to buy the cd, so it's 50/50, you know?

Mr. AWESOME ..I work in a restaurant. we don't like to give out free food. if somebody came in there saying that they stole food, how would we feel.

Stephanie..I personally own every cd that I had put on kinixtion.

Mr. AWESOME ..that still does not make it right for other people to download them, just because you own them.

Stephanie..I've got over 3,000 cds.
Mr. AWESOME ..ive got a handful, but i subscribe to napster so i legally have access to millions of songs for the cost of 1 or 2 cd's a month

Stephanie..I bought every one of them.
Mr. AWESOME ..what did it say on the back. did i give you rights to upload them and share them with thousands of people?

Stephanie..I hope that you're happy with taking over kinixtion.
Mr. AWESOME ..thanks...perhaps you should have 'taken it over' before i did

Stephanie..I was just wondering why you did it?
Mr. AWESOME ..i really dont know, but its been quite a little project
oh, and to piss of the scene kids,

one more thing that always got me pissed at your releases...have the decency to put a nfo. nothing fancy but it always bugged the fuck out of me. maybe even a m3u. not that i ever downloaded anything, and if i did i deleted it within 24 hours (try this one in court)

ps. how come you didnt add me as a friend

part 2 coming soon (i can only hope)

(this was not an actual conversation, just a single message from her, with my replys)