Sunday, April 22, 2007

so anyway...

cause i know everybody loves my new blog, i wanted to post some more awesome stuff here once in a while.

so i finally had contact with 'jenna' aka smalls, aka guest on the forums, i guess she can not decide which identity she wants to use. according to whois reports this ip is 24.163.91.** and has posted a whopping 10 times, on a forum that only has 30 posts total. what does that say about this person? i am the attention whore?
oh ya, jenna, and i contacted road runner and they are investigating your usage logs as we speak.

once again. this blog is only a freaking joke. i am having a blast reading your shitty comments.


Matt said...

You're a fucking joke kid, I love pussies like you that have time to even post, yet alone STEAL a blog. I think its amazing you haven't gotten your nose crushed yet, but somehow you've made it this far without choking on your own blood. You're mom is a fucking fat piece of shit, you're father is a fucking girl obviously due to the fact you ended up like this. I'll make sure you get what's coming to you, and trust me, flag my IP and find out about me bitch, cause it will be hilarious when you fucking cower in fear as I slam your fucking head over and over in my car door. give the little girl her blog back and you wont have to get false teeth fitted in your ulgy ass mouth. Look, nobody is ever going to love you, no girl is ever going to show you affection or give you the love you never got because you're ulgy and disgusting, so slash your wrists VERTICALLY as to not waste your horrible family's time by attention seeking, and get it over with for real. pretend you're hard bitch, and watch whats about to happen. I love the fact I live soo close to you and you thought you could do whatever you wanted. Watch your back this week Kevin, cause you'll be choking on your blood by Wednesday.

Angelus Memphis said...

I'm glad you are having a blast reading our comments, I would too if I was a cocksucker!