Thursday, April 19, 2007

fun with comments

  • "Sanious said... Buying cds still sucks."
  • oh no....what ever will you do. you know, thanks for posting this meaningfull comment. i think this will convince me to give it all up.

  • "rightontargt4 said...i'll feed your nuts to eyeball records, you faggoty worthless piece of shit."
  • ya know, they might just be able to use my nuts. they could sell them each for like $15k, and make some money for once.

  • "Joemmer said...please slow down dude."
  • sorry officer, was i speeding"

  • "Jason said...bla bla bla....(tear) bla bla bla (tear) i want my mommy(more tears)
  • grow up

  • damn, why did i delete the other comments. i could have had some more fun with this

    1 comment:

    Lazy Liquid said...

    wtf happened to your music blog?