Friday, April 20, 2007

in case you missed itin the comments

Jason said...

My reply is the best. Let's see the litle crybabies squirm over that one:


Get over it. Crying over professionalism when you are stealing from someone is pretty hypocritical. I mean, why not just walk up to a cop and punch them in the face and when they are beating the crap out of you, tell them they have to act professional. Good one guys.

And the "why are they going after a 16 year old girl" bullshit has GOT to stop. ANYONE that has the understanding and ability to build up a blog, rip and upload CD's, and link them on a website CLEARLY knows what they are doing. 7 year olds are kids. 11 year olds are kids. 16 year olds can drive a car in most states.

And here's another one for you braniacs that seem to know it all, why would a little label like Eyeball Records waste their time going after Limewire? Do me a favor right now, go type New London Fire into Limewire and see how many responses you get. Since I know most of you are lazy and incompetent, judging by the fact that you can't march down to a store and buy a CD, I made the search for you and came up with a big fat NADDA on the search results. So how about them apples? Whodathunk a little 'ol blog was doing more damage to Eyeball Records than the almighty Limewire? Plus, I think it's a safe bet that the richer powers of the RIAA are going to be taking care of Limewire shortly, so why should a small label like Eyeball Records waste their resources doing it for them? Use have a brain cell and figure that one out.

And I am so tired of the sorry, played out line of "how am I going to know if I am going to like it if I can't hear it first?" Hello jackass, how am I going to know if I like broccoli or sauerkraut before I eat it? You don't need to listen to an entire album to make that decision. And another bullshit line is "how do I know I'll like the whole thing?" Please, if I can find an album that has 3-4 songs on it that I love, sign my ass up, that is incredible. I have well over 1200 CD's (you know, the real thing) in my collection and I don't even think I need one hand to count the albums that I own that I like EVERY-SINGLE-SONG on. Hell, I don't even like every song on my favorite bands GREATEST HITS CD, and hello, it's a GREATEST HITS CD. Who's the asshole now?

Another "great argument" is calling the record label greedy and asking how much the band gets out of all the money they want to charge Kinxwhatever. I've got a better question for you: how much did The Number 12 Looks Like You have to pay to record, press, distribute and promote any of their Eyeball Records releases? Now I don't know the band, but I know a lot of bands much, much bigger than them, and I can pretty much assure you it was a big fat ZERO.

For all you know-it-alls out there, do you have any idea how most labels operate? Why CD sales are so important? And better yet, why the bands don't see as much profit off the CD's? Well oh wise keyboard warriors, it's because record labels are glorified banks, and they give out loans to bands to make music. They front all the money, and the band pays that money back in CD sales. The bands do all the work to make the music, the label does all the work to get it in stores. When they make enough money to pay off the debt required to create the CD, known as "recouping," the can then start reinvesting money into the band and the band can start making money off the CD.

That's called business. Do you know what happens to bands that don't sell enough CD's to pay back their loans? It's the same thing that happens to a home owner if they don't pay their mortgage: they lose everything. Because whether you give a shit or not, the record label will get their money back one way or another, and that doesn't make them evil or assholes, it means that they did their part and the band has to hold up on the agreement. Does anyone get mad at the bank when they repossess a car that someone hasn't been paying for? Absolutely not, what's right is right.

So next time your favorite band breaks up, and you're all sad and mad and glad you bought the TShirt to support them but didn't buy the CD because the labels are dirty assholes, you might want to rethink your life.

The sad and unfortunate part in all of this, is that the people that are right in all of this are the assholes, and the people that are wrong are just spewing bullshit line after bullshit line thinking that if they say it enough, people will believe it. Well it's time you clowns got your facts straight and learned a valuable lesson.

Justify your actions every way you want, complain about professionalism, complain about global warming, I don't care, bottom line is: Eyeball Records is right, you are wrong, EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. Period. Case closed. I've got two great websites for all of you to check out:

See the back slash at the end? Try adding your favorite band's name to it and see if they have a page. Guess what they have there? Songs you can hear! And preview! Some of them even have their entire album streaming!! And videos! Imagine that? If that's not enough for you, then I guess you're up shits creak without a paddle.

I want a lot of things. I want a new car. I want another dog. I want a new camera. I want the new Haste The Day CD. Guess what all of those have in common. Actually, we'll be here all day if I wait for an answer, so I'll just tell you: I don't have a right to have any of them if I don't buy them.


Would you walk into Best Buy and grab a computer and walk out with it? Would you grab a candy bar and walk out with it? Would you grab a CD and walk out with it? You know, without paying. If you answered no to any of those questions, then why do you think it's OK to do the same thing on the internet just because it's easier? And don't give me that crap of "oh well a car costs way more than a CD, of course that's wrong." Would you steal batteries from CVS? A tshirt from Hot Topic? There, I put them in the same price range. Deal with it. And if you answered yes to any of my questions in this paragraph, I guess that just speaks for your character more than anything, and makes the reason this is even a topic for debate more painstakingly obvious.

Welcome to the real world ladies. The real world is full of things you want and have to work for. Music is NO DIFFERENT. If you can't afford to buy the CD or go to the shows, then I guess you're just going to have to settle for the content they give you for free. Because you know, that's just the way the real world works. I'd love to have season tickets for the Red Sox, but I'll settle for the two or three games I can afford to go to this year. On the same token, I don't plan on walking up to Fenway and just walking in without a ticket, either.

Grow up. All of you. You KNOW the blogs are wrong, you KNOW it's stealing, and you KNOW the record label is right, EVERY TIME. Deal with it.


smalls said...

shes not even being 'sued' anymore, so none of this shit matters. the end.

heartofhearts said...

I never stole i legaly owned all the records I downloaded from kinxition. I Didn't want to break them open or damage them so I used Kinixtion. It's not like there are other means to get albums. You stupid Twat.

Devin said...

I steal shit from franchise stores all the time... they can afford the profit hit a lot more than I can afford to actually pay for it.

As far as buying CD's goes, if I can't obtain a full copy of an album for free, I don't bother. If I like the majority of the album, I will buy a ticket to a show and I will buy a shirt at the show. I may even buy the CD that I already have for free. That is what I can afford to do. I am in college and don't really care enough to be throwing money away to buy CDs that might suck. Previews are misleading. Almost every band has at least 1 song that is catchy.

So here's how a band/label earns profits from me. Can I steal their CD? Yes? There is a possibility I will give you my money. No? I will never spend money on you. I'm not going to buy your CD either way.

Your entire argument is based on the false assumption that stealing is always wrong. Sometimes, it's justified.

Eddie said...

You're wrong...

because you touch yourself at night.

Evan said...

get a life

Stfu said...

Hey jason go fuck yourself.. cause your most likely some fat ass that sits on his computer all day. soo stop being a pussy and following the bullshit that is feed to your fatass through the govenment, just cause people want free music doesnt mean you got to act like a fucking bacon face cop about it. So chill the fuck out and go give some hand jobs to a bunch of government assholes.

Jason said...

More crying for dumbass loser kids that want to shit on the faces of their "favorite artists" and then talk about how much they love them.

Hey, it's all good, say whatever makes you feel better about yourself, I'm still right, you're still wrong, and if you want to find out how much of a pussy I am, come find me in Worcester some time. You can meet my bacon faced fist.

So cry until your little emo heart breaks, call me every name in the book, go jerk yourself off to some Fall Out Boy and cry me a fucking river already.

You lose, I win. EVERY TIME.

allie said...

hey, i feel you, definately, and you make a lot of good points.
I am guilty as charged for being a lazy kid sitting here on my ass just downloading music all the time,

but really. gas is going up, milk and dairy are going up, even MUSIC is going up. So maybe you should go to someone and tell them to raise our goddamn wages so maybe we can actually afford a fucking CD. And for real, most of the time I just download off of itunes but when some shitty as totally corporate label wants ME to buy an album from a band thats shitty, then fuck that. I'm broke, I've got a 20,000 dollar college loan to pay, buying CDs is my last issue.

I respect eyeball records, they aren't so bad... but even if I stop pirating, there's still everyone else in the world who won't.

so why bother?
it's never going to stop.

serotoninzero said...

Come on. If you honestly don't have any CDs that you love all the songs on, you either aren't listening to the right bands, or you only like what you hear on the radio. There are plenty of artists out there that I love every song of. (See Nine Inch Nails, Belong, Explosions in the Sky, Tool, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, God Is An Astronaut, Say Anything, Stage,, Palomino.) I'm not saying downloading music is okay at all. As an artist myself (of different nature), I know how much it means to be credited for your work, but the truth is that it's going to get stolen somehow. At least if they do, you can be proud that your art is enjoyed.

But yeah, the music industry is a business. Nobody in the business is going to want their work stolen, and of course, sites like this will disappear. It happens. It should happen. But thanks for the times, former Kinixtion.

titoxcore said...

would i steal batteries? yes would i steal tshirts? yes. would i steal cds from best buy? yes. i already do steal those things.

crackery said...

just chill the fuck out everybody. there's no reason for anyone to be pissed off at jason because he doesn't want to advocate and be responsible for all of your pirating. there is no argument because you guys are wrong and he is right. just save up your money, and go take your insecure little asses down to FYE or whatever and bye the freakign album.

p.s. devin...piss off. stealing is not justified. it just benefits certain people in some way.

brebean said...

"titoxcore said...
would i steal batteries? yes would i steal tshirts? yes. would i steal cds from best buy? yes. i already do steal those things."

well, aren't you hardcore

Emily said...

Allie and everyone else-
You are right... guilty. But this whole apathetic "why should I stop cause nobody else will" is bullshit and you know it. I mean, one person CAN make a difference. Maybe if a couple people started buying CDs again, my department wouldn't have been cut and I wouldn't have been jobless right before Christmas.... Hows that for being broke?
FYI- Music prices are going DOWN! Average CD price is around $12 now, where a couple of years ago you were looking at $15.

One person buying CDs could have helped me keep my job... It sucks being poor. I would like to be able to afford to eat and pay rent... But you know those people at record labels, and those bands you love...?? Guess what, they are struggling too. Most of them have families. Most of them are losing their jobs. And you guys seem to see nothing wrong with making that happen.
I wouldn't steal food from Trader Joes, which is a necessity, and I won't steal a CD... Call me crazy, but I think that if you can't afford it, you probably shouldn't have it. Sorry. I just have ethics and morals and all that crap.

This is like beating a dead horse... but... please, buy music and support the bands you love.

Jason, I think I love you.

Anonymous said...

stealing is just so cool it blows my mind! go get a job if you want things so bad. shit, go walk neighborhood dogs if you're short enough on cash to steal, fgts.