Monday, April 23, 2007

people have way too much time

Wally said...

Dear Douche bag,

thanks, this already makes me hate you and to not take you seriously.

I don't even know where to start. First people are considered adults at 18 for a reason. At 18 it is decided you are mature enough to make sound decisions for yourself.

not that i really care, but because i love playing the douche bag, why should it be 18. in other country's 16 is adulthood. do you suddenly get magic powers from baby jebus on your 18th birthday?

Limewire will not be shut down because it has legal uses. I believe this has already passed and the RIAA isn't going to get anywhere with LimeWire unless it's suing individuals which is time consuming and cost inefficient.

nobody's suing limewire because it isnt that big of a top level distrubtor. id bet less than 10 percent of music is first uploaded to limewire. try irc, or in our case, a blog that admits they are the bastardly uploaders

The RIAA have recently taken to attacking tracker sites for torrents. Since many of those sites are based in other countries that the United States does not have agreements with, those lawsuits aren't going further either.

did jenna have a torrent tracker as well? if not stfu.

If you can count the CD's you like every song on with only one hand, you're obviously not listening to anything good.

try not to sound like you have the best taste in music, and everybody else's sucks.

Poor you and your bad taste in music.

i called that one

Eyeball records is being greedy and selfish and making Jenna an example.

isnt that the point in suing a select few, so others get the idea?

I am a fan of making the punishment fitting. I wonder if Marc realized that this settlement may RUIN her life. This $30,000 he wants may be the difference between college and straight into the workforce, uneducated.

there is no settlement. eyeball wanted the blog shut down. mission accomplished.

I don't think the goal from such a small label should be to put someone out on the street with a lawsuit.
oh my, i agree with you. they should be trying to promote artists, and sell cds.
I would be in favor of Eyeball Records HIRING Jenna to help with marketing or even to see how much money and time goes into making a record.

and this would do what?

(This is what some computer companies will do with hackers.)
you do realize that these hackers also have legitimate computer/coding/network skillz. what recording skill(s) has jenna showed by clicking 'rip cd' and upping it to rapidshare?

Downloading music is a protest against the record industry that they have failed to hear.

how about protesting in a way the artists/companies don't hate us.

Where the executives get rich and the artists remain poor.

clearly eyeball records a major company that has oodles of money blowing out of there ears.

The old way of promoting music is no longer viable. The release of a tangible medium containing music is being no longer the viable machine for spreading music it once was.

however, every single artist in the world(source:tom) has myspace/purevolume/other that streams previews. steve jobs agrees with you, cause he enjoys selling a billion songs digitally.
The structure of the music industry is so bass-ackwards it amazes me. Music is a band's advertisement.

did you mean 'a band's product? why would i want to listen to an advertisement?

In my opinion the industry should move towards giving away the music for free and making money off of merchandise.

actually you are right. the bands basically do give away their cds. not in the way you are hoping for, but by not receiving much from each record sold. the label then puts most of this money back into advertising the current album and recording their next album. this enables a revenue stream for the future.

Bands should be looking for their profit from their shows and from their merch.

right again. most bands currently make the majority of their money on tour.

As of now few bands have deals with record companies as far as merch is concerned (MCR among them) and while there are a lot of dickheads running the venues who will make it difficult to make a buck for many bands the fans will always support the bands.

slow down and breathe. this is not a timed comment. use a period next time and re-read what you just said, cause it made no sense to me.

The music industry is moving away from these large companies who own the entire market and is now more than ever favoring indie labels and DIY mentality.

could i get a source on that, cause it seems most of the news i hear is about one record label buying a smaller one and absorbing it into itself, destrying this 'indie label and DIY mentality'

The internet has made a level playing field for all bands. And I for one think that music should be free

And i for one think beer should be free. along with whores, medicine, and education. hey that sounds like communism. lets try that, i hear it works well

Jenna helped Eyeball records just as much as she "hurt" them by creating a community to successfully spread and publicize music.
if that is true i expect to hear from eyeball saying that they made $30,000 overnightand give her a website ( to continue what she started.

And YOU are the asshole for thinking that Eyeball records is in the right!

i think that you are a asshole, just because i can

(If you don't allow this comment you're officially the biggest pussy who ever lived.)

(i hope i made your day. brag to all your friends that YOU are now the biggest pussy)


Lisa said...

Good grief, people! We get free music on a website, the site changes, we don't get music from it anymore. Stop hounding the new blog owner. Sure he may be a jerk but the point is, we weren't doing something legal to beginwith so we don't have any right to bitch about it. All these attacks against him aren't helping; they're just giving him attention and if that's what keeps him going, then you're helping. I'm pretty sure we've all found a new place to hang out at, so why continue fussing on here? And the next entry down, where the writer insults this dude's parents....what the hell is that? So not only do some of us look bad for stealing music, but we look like jerks who have to resort to attacking family members we don't even know? Enough already. This is old news. Your complaints are not going to change anything, so give it up. Whether you hate the music industry and wanna teach them a lesson or you just like to get free music, stop bitching and whining and go elsewhere. It was a great (though illegal, so we were lucky to even have it here at all) site while it lasted, we were glad to get some use out of it, but it's time to bury it.

chris said...

Hi, I'm posting mostly because I visit this site by habit and often shocked at your posts and the responses of individuals from your posts. Honestly both you and the individuals who are posting are being immature. Now I agree free music downloading is wrong, being a musician myself, I understand that. But at the same the music industry is not helping the situation with $16 cds or even $9.99 albums on itunes. I saw that you disagreed with the idea of music becoming DIY. Well technically it is and you kind of contradict yourself. You say how almost every band has a myspace or a purevolume. This is a type of DIY format. Bands now can post music without the support of a major label and sell it at a much more reasonable price (I think the lowest I saw was $0.29 but don't quote me on that). There's also companies like discrevolt that offer alternative ways to sell music at a much cheaper price without the support of labels. True majors do buy out smaller indie labels, but now more than ever bands like Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah can have successful careers without any major label support. And true these bands need record sales and need individuals to go out and by records. But honestly sometimes hearing a record first or a fan "stealing" a record can be beneficial to the artists career. I know personally, I downloaded a bunch of songs by Thrice when I was in eighth grade. I remember immediately loving the band and ever since then I've bought all their albums to support what their doing. Now I'm not saying I'm the norm, but I do believe that the downloading of music illegally has now become a sense of guerilla marketing for bands. For example, recently a Voxtrot album was leaked the day after they play South by Southwest, leading to more hype for the bands album to be released. I understand that you have taken over this blog to basically make fun of kids who believe downloading music for free is not wrong, but at the same time you've appeared to be just as immature and narrow minded as they are. I honestly hope you allow this to be posted, so that all individuals who do download free music don't look like idiots. Thanks for the time.

bob dole said...

hey chris. nice job on your post. you are the first person not to make a complete fool of themselves. if only there were more people like you, i probability wouldn't have been such an asshole.

Lisa said...

Aw, Bob. I was trying to be nice to all sides.

Anyway, good post, Chris.

mayhem_247 said...

*sighs* is this what the internet has come to? people shouting at random people because they sit in the comfort of their own home rather than having real confrontation. seriously, all of you are sad! im not a fan of whats gone on here but i actually showed the maturity to think "hmmm, if i knew this guy in real life would i have a go?" the answer is no. (and yes, i would have said this rant in real life.) some of the stuff that is coming out of the comments is appauling! i mean its just awful. grow up!! its just a blog, if it annoys you so much then dont come on it! its simple!! personally i think that everyone who has commented in the disgraceful manner that can be seen on this blog (and that includes the owner) needs to look really hard at their life because a blog really isn't worth the emotion you lot are putting into it and its not worth the inter-internet war that you are trying to rage. please everyone calm down. i might return just to see how this comment goes down but thats it. if people want to lambast me thats fine...childish but fine.

take care and remember, its sunny outside...go play!!


Valence said...

Why the hell are people trying to rip on you???

What this guy did was perfectly legal, ethical, and quite interesting.

What the hell are people expecting you to do? Delete the blog so somebody else, probably one of the bitchy fat bastards sitting in front of their computer all day, can take it over again and perpetuate the cycle?

Honestly, I think if nobody bashed on you here, everyone would have moved on by now. Nobody stares at a car crash when the cars are being towed away, but when the cops are writing tickets and shit. Get my drift?

scenenotheard said...

This one is a lot better than the old blog. That is all.

Anonymous said...

come to think of it I don't think any bad reviews of the albums are needed. I was taking a glance at the webpage and the label only seems to host bland and mediocre rock musicians. Good job, so far. Keep scaring away the only means of attention those people will ever get.

Anonymous said...

Your all computer geeks with no f'in lif and I only abbreviated abusive words for the fact you probs block them you tos'wank. Free music was good while it lasted, but I bet I have bought many more albums than I downloaded so that aint the issue. My issue is that bob dole is an ass, and probs a fat ugly f'in geek who should walk the plank and get ass hitched by the sharks. Start bein less of an ass and you might find affection. Chow.

Nikki! said...

Not to jump on the bandwagon way late, but let me just say that I agreed with basically everything Wally said.

"Bob Dole", if you really want to help Eyeball so much you might want to consider listening to him. I'm not saying music should be free, I'm just saying it shouldn't be $18.99 at a fucking corporate store. Suing and shutting down blogs, while making people like Jenna an example, only serves to alienate your consumers. They'll always find ways around it, they're always two steps ahead of you. You can either try to figure out how to work with them and make a profit that way or you can watch the demise of your own industry because you refused to give up control.

Additionally, I know you're not looking for affection or to be accepted, but if you expect anyone to look fondly upon Eyeball Records then I would suggest not being such an unprofessional dickmunch. A lot of the comments you're getting on this blog are childish, of course. That doesn't mean you need to out-asshole every fifteen year old here.

lexicon said...

The problem with the arguments is that people on either side hold polarized views. Company's attack individuals rather than behemoths like 'limewire' and 'kazaa' because they have tricky disclaimers (or so I've heard). But calling the other side stupid or saying everyone is wrong is an in-group out-group bias covered by psychology.

Also, after reading through various posts, although I would not be able to say that this record company is in the wrong, because of the lack of professionalism/immaturity of the posts of the blog owner, it is actually more demeaning to the record company than anything else. I would rather not buy from this record label because of their child-like actions in control of this blog.