Saturday, April 21, 2007

chill the fuck out everybody

why do people care so much? find a new site, and move on.
do i really think that i am going to get somebody to stop buying cd's. no. i just think its funny how everybody gets so pissy over my 'personal' blog entry. oh, and im an attention whore who has no friends and spends all day on teh internets.


Lisa said...

I used to come here, but now I just pop in to see what's being said. I had to laugh at this comment because....well, it's true. I can understand why people would be mad, but they really don't have a right to be since they were doing something they shouldn't have been doing in the first place no matter what excuse we all give. But complaining about it isn't gonna make the site go back to what it was. We could all come here every day sending you hateful comments but you're not gonna say, "Oh, you're right, I'm giving the site back. Carry on." The site was great, now it's gone, no amount of support for it will bring it back. We all need to just pack up and move out.

Sam said...

In response to Lisa, I agree with most of what you're saying, but whoever stole the site said it himself: he doesn't actually think he's gonna make anyone stop. So he really has no right to do this just for a little bit of fun. That's just immature. He's also being a hypocrite because he's telling everyone else to grow up, yet he has nothing better to do than bitch and moan about the people that use he site.

Brandon said...

dude just give it up and get over it. you've got your blog now, but you've obviously got nothing worthwhile to say so you just keep dwelling on this shit. get over it... i know everyone else is. don't flatter yourself into thinking the kinixiton was the only blog that has free music, and that you single-handedly ended everyone's fun. guaranteed, everyone that used to get stuff from here has found other means. nothing has changed so, again, don't flatter yourself.

(i doubt you'll even be able to put aside your pride and allow this comment, but whatever... your call)

Lisa said...

LOL, we can't tell this guy to grow up and get over it if we're still in here telling him the same thing. As long as there are people posting to him, he'll probably keep posting on the blog.

Okay, everyone shhhh. Pretend you're not here. ;-)