Thursday, April 19, 2007

my conversation with the real (read:fake) kinixtion


Stephanie..hey, you tried to add me, you're the guy who took over kinixtion blogspot right?

Mr. AWESOME ..please define 'take over.' did they delete their blog?
did i register it? if that your definition of take over, then yes.'s your day going.

Mr. AWESOME ..awesome. i have a bigger epenis this week than ever before. how bout you

Stephanie..I agree with you that downloading music is illegal, in some ways, other ways are not.

Mr. AWESOME ..are you talking about the itunes store, rhapsody, etc...?

Stephanie..I work in a record store, so I know the impact that downloading can have on sales, but also people come in saying that they downloaded something, and wanted to buy the cd, so it's 50/50, you know?

Mr. AWESOME ..I work in a restaurant. we don't like to give out free food. if somebody came in there saying that they stole food, how would we feel.

Stephanie..I personally own every cd that I had put on kinixtion.

Mr. AWESOME ..that still does not make it right for other people to download them, just because you own them.

Stephanie..I've got over 3,000 cds.
Mr. AWESOME ..ive got a handful, but i subscribe to napster so i legally have access to millions of songs for the cost of 1 or 2 cd's a month

Stephanie..I bought every one of them.
Mr. AWESOME ..what did it say on the back. did i give you rights to upload them and share them with thousands of people?

Stephanie..I hope that you're happy with taking over kinixtion.
Mr. AWESOME ..thanks...perhaps you should have 'taken it over' before i did

Stephanie..I was just wondering why you did it?
Mr. AWESOME ..i really dont know, but its been quite a little project
oh, and to piss of the scene kids,

one more thing that always got me pissed at your releases...have the decency to put a nfo. nothing fancy but it always bugged the fuck out of me. maybe even a m3u. not that i ever downloaded anything, and if i did i deleted it within 24 hours (try this one in court)

ps. how come you didnt add me as a friend

part 2 coming soon (i can only hope)

(this was not an actual conversation, just a single message from her, with my replys)


Adam said...

She says she hasn't talked to you.

bob dole said...

well who is the person who i talked to?